Warrior Plants

Have you ever touched a stinging nettle? It has some irritating chemicals that are released when you touch them. It starts feeling itchy on the area and your skin becomes red. Well these are the thorns of a rose, so to speak. Because nettle is a warrior plant who protects both itself and chemicals in the body.

As a junior herbalist, I’d like to make connections between the plant’s spirits and their medicinal uses. Let’s look at the nettle from this perspective one more time. General uses that nettle has been used are painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, urinary problems, hay fever, tendinitis and even insect bites.  These are the areas that nettle’s spirit is working. Nettle shows characteristics of allergies and pain so we can also use it also for allergies like hay fever, painful muscles and the problems of eliminative systems.  Nettle strengthens the body, cleans the blood, treats prostate issues hence we can say it has very male/yang energy. In addition to that, nettle can alter the menstrual cycle and may cause to miscarriage therefore pregnant women should not use nettle and this is the another indicator for plant’s strong male energies.  Nettle is a warrior plant which needs careful application into diets as there are possible drug interactions with antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs (blood-thinners), drugs for high blood pressure, diuretics (water pills), drugs for diabetes and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs according to researches.


Warrior plants have a darker side and stronger abilities that may drop you dead. You may remember the indigenous tribes have been used toxic plants as arrow poisons by hunters and warriors. Some of the names of these plants are South American ‘Curare’ (causes paralysis), ‘Kombe’ an  African plant which has cardiac glycosides that goes directly to work on heart, from China and other parts of Asia ‘Upas Tree’ has highly toxic bark and leaves and lastly poison arrow plant from South Africa that kills by attacking the heart.


One of the most powerful and deadly plant is …. You know this one; it’s a very common one. What did you say?

You are right, it’s tobacco. Not only millions grow it and use it but also they die from it.  But what is tobacco’s spirit is telling us? Did we get it wrong after all?

There are stories that Native Americans have been smoking it for two thousand years but they use it as a ceremonial plant not as an everyday finger habit. When Europeans discovered America, they had exchanged gifts as a way of showing respect. Natives gave tobacco to Europeans and it was spread all over the world but they forgot that this neurotoxin is dangerous without ritualistic intentions. In the same way Europeans gave alcohol to Natives and they took it for granted as well and still alcoholism is a problem not only among the natives but also among the white people.

Many herbal formulas based on alcohol as a preservative agent because alcohol is the spirit of the formula and the plants are the emotions and mental characteristics of it. When we use herbal supplements, we often forget about what the plant or formula says to us. They don’t speak literally instead they leave you with a feeling of its characteristic.


There are so many other masculine/warrior plants but it is another article’s subject. For right now, I leave you with the idea of plant spirits; how can we connect with them and how can we perceive their messages in order to heal.


Have a magnificent day!

Author: Ozge Simsek



Spiritually Time Lapping

  We are walking one foot on earth and the other on sky. We are spirits in body, evolving through carbon based to crystalline structure and consequently time laps. As you know time is not linear but our perception is. We need ‘time’ to understand and organize earthly activities and when I ponder about this issue I stumbled upon the synergy of astrology, numerology, qabbala and spirituality. Time is numbers and they have a mission on here as well. 2012, 21, 12, 11:11, 9, and 7 etc… They all have a spirit and a meaning to carry for our evolution. What is your life path number? Numerology charts are made up of the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22. In order to determine which number applies to you, you must add up the digits that make up your birth date or name. This sum is further reduced by consequently adding up the resulting digits until a single digit answer (or the numbers 11 or 22) is achieved. If at any time during the equation, you come up with the numbers 11 or 22, you do not need to reduce them. The most important aspect of Numerology is determining your Life Path, which involves adding up the digits of your birth date.


Now you find your number and the meaning of it. Are there any relations with your time overlapping?

 How long have you missed time?

 How were you feeling before or after?

 Do you remember what happened or is it totally blank?

 Do you channel messages from spirit world?

 Do you experience any other kind of paranormal activities?

 Where did you go or where did time go?

These questions may help you to make your own personal inquiry and after you get your idea/message/aim etc. you can detach yourself from it and transform like a beautiful butterfly. If there are any trans-generational issues and/or family problems, I recommend family and systemic constellation therapy work which deals with these kinds of issues and heals it deeply with love and truth.

Spiritual time lapping and losing time are symptoms of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlarging of our bodies. This is clearly an indicator of our multidimensional existence. Haven’t you felt that time is speeding up? It is said that by the time of 2013 time will be stopped and it’ll start a new spin different to old one. While we perceive it as past, present, future in a linear way, it is said that we will start to perceive it all in once. Plus, if we can communicate with other dimensions in one existence then losing time would be like travelling in time. In addition to that our bodies are preparing us into a new consciousness which is nothing like anything we know to compare. Hence we cannot judge it.

If you are losing time or feeling like time is overlapping, then ask yourself where were you at that time? Deep sleep, try to memorize your dreams. Just blank, try to meditate on it. Somewhere dark, lit up with your light. Somewhere over the rainbow, bring it on here. If you have pain along with lost time, connect with your third eye and pineal gland. Pineal gland is the endocrine gland that regulates sleep patterns and DNA -often referred to as ‘junk DNA’- while third eye helps you to see the unseen beyond our five senses. Everyday grounding and centering meditations may help to ease transition. Prayer is the most common intentional power, use it regularly. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Ozge Simsek

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has superior health benefits and has been used through centuries starting from Asia. Drinking tea is a part of daily life in Asia, not only far east but also western part such as Turkey. Every home would offer you a glass of black tea steeped in traditional tea pots in Turkey. Herbal and green tea is also popular but tradition is serving black tea. I also like chai but except green tea all other varities could have fermented and containing less anti-oxidant qualieties. I suggest sticking to green and herbal teas.

In England tea has been famous since the 17th century and it was promoted that tea has got medicinal properties such as it is good for digestion, cold and fevers and headaches. Of course it’s rising popularity brought taxes for governments. But tea still has a ritualistic spiritual aspect to it. In Japan, drinking ‘matcha’ which is powdered good quality green tea represents that background.

Tea plant has catechins, bioflavonoid and vitamin C.  In black tea the catechins are mostly oxidized and it becomes fermented. The oolong tea is half fermented, contains a lesser amount of catechins than green tea and black tea. Studies have shown that green tea catechins have anti-oxidant qualities.

Popular medicinal qualities of green tea has been lowering cholesterol (LDL), burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke, helping cancer, easing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, preventing cardiovascular disease, boosting your immune system, reducing tooth decay and effective in multiple sclerosis.

According to one online article ‘In 2007, Dr. Orhan Aktasfrom the Institute of Neuroimmunology conducted a study of how green tea benefits sufferers of multiple sclerosis. While current patients do not have many options to prevent tissue damage and disability, he found that the flavonoid EGCG found in green tea could have a huge impact on multiple sclerosis. He concluded that EGCG is capable of directly protecting against neuronal injury in living brain tissue and that EGCG constituents may open up a new therapeutic avenue for treating MS by combining anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective capacities.’

You can take green tea capsules everyday as well as you can drink it at least three times a day for the medicinal properties to show up. You can add honey and lemon too for an extra kick. Sip to your natural health!

Author: Ozge Simsek

Sources: ‘Green Tea. Health Benefits and Applications.’ By Yukihiko Hara, Marcel Dekker Inc, 2001 http://www.nutritionalsupplementshq.com/green-tea-benefits/

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